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extends Node
var file
func _init():
if FileAccess.file_exists(Global.hiscoresfile):
Global.firstrun = false
file =, FileAccess.READ)
Global.levelmax = file.get_as_text().rsplit(",", true, 7)
# We need to revert the game state so we're not cloning objects
# during loading. This will vary wildly depending on the needs of a
# project, so take care with this step.
# For our example, we will accomplish this by deleting saveable objects.
#var save_nodes = get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("Persist")
#for i in save_nodes:
# i.queue_free()
# Load the file line by line and process that dictionary to restore
# the object it represents.
Global.firstrun = true
var saveinit = "9999999,9999999,9999999,9999999,9999999,9999999,9999999"
var file =, FileAccess.WRITE)
Global.levelmax = saveinit.rsplit(",", true, 7)