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@ -39,6 +39,6 @@ Known not supported providers
<li>Oracle Cloud (compatibility issues with S3v4)</li>
You can find app documentation at https://wiki.asgardius.company/shelves/asgardius-s3-manager-english (english) or https://wiki.asgardius.company/shelves/asgardius-s3-manager-espanol (spanish)
You can find app documentation at https://wiki-en.asgardius.company/index.php?title=Asgardius_S3_Manager_Documentation (english) or https://wiki-es.asgardius.company/index.php?title=Documentacion_Asgardius_S3_Manager (spanish)
You can use MinIO or Garage to have a FOSS selfhosted server to use with this app